Erika Bachis

Founder & CEO of Marabhale Ltd
Freelance Digital Marketing & SEO Project Manager

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Freelance SEO Project & Content Manager, Digital Marketing Manager, Gamification Consultant, and unstoppable dream pursuer.
I’m gifted with a versatile, target driven, and entrepreneurial attitude, passionate about forging productive relationships with clients and partners, as well as exceptionally talented at identifying market trends and target’s needs.
Those are just some of the skills that allowed me to become a successful smart worker used to working remotely with international clients across almost any kind of verticals, allowing them to achieve impressive ROI results.
Some brands and companies I’ve collaborated with are Panasonic, International Federation of Red Cross, Artisa Group, Umberto Veronesi Foundation, Johnson & Johnson, Air Liquide, Mainstream Media, Mia Bag.
Currently, I cover the role of:
Founder & CEO of Marabhale Ltd, transmedia and gamification consultancy;
SEO Project Manager at Whitehat SEO Ltd.

What Clients Say

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐“Erika is wonderful. We have been working together for over a year now and she consistently brings her unique mix of creativity and strategic thinking to our clients’ projects. Her campaign planning and proactive management has lead to some fantastic results. We couldn’t recommend her more highly.”

Rich Thomas,
Managing Director
INL s.a.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐"Erika is a pleasure to work with...sweet like sugar so we say! Her knowledge and expertise is flawless. I've learned so much from her and delivering customer success has been irreplacable. She has helped us gain more confidence in the area of strategic thinking, SEO and creativity and wouldn't choose anyone else. If you are looking for an open, honest and a quality driven organisation to work with, then Marabhale should be your choice. You won't be disappointed. Definitely highly recommended".

Mel Providence,
Company Director

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐"Erika has been an invaluable member of our external contributor team since 2019. In addition to her unrivaled expertise in copywriting and content marketing, we have come to appreciate her human side. Her empathy and ability to team up made each project an enriching experience. Erika has “given” us her pen for so many different projects, including blog articles, website pages, newsletters, translations, and more."

MediaTi Marketing s.a.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐"We could not have asked for a better experience! We collaborated with Erika on several worldwide SEO client projects throughout the previous year. She has been friendly and supportive from the start and has helped us improve the performance of client websites through detailed SEO audits, lead generation, user experience, and content marketing consultation. Erika's consulting work has been an invaluable contribution to our clients’ marketing strategies. Only three words: transparency, professionalism, and results. Can’t wait to continue our journey together!"

Ben Portnoi,
The Hybrid House Ltd

Key Services

Digital Marketing

Would you like to reach the right audience, at the right time, in the right place, at every stage of the Customer Journey?
If so, you have to know the ins and outs of your competitors’ digital strategy and your buyer personas’ needs, in order to set your SMART goals and KPIs, and know how to communicate your brand's value across each digital channel.
Only after these steps, I come up with a proper social media and/or search marketing strategy (organic or paid) that makes my clients achieve long-term success and fidelization, also thanks to efficient keyword researches and optimized campaigns that support conversions.
EXPERTISE:• Digital Marketing Strategy and Management;
• Social Media Planning and Management;
• Organic and Paid Social;
• Google Ads Campaigns;
• Media Strategy;
• Analytics and Reporting;
• Project Management.
TOOLS:• Google Ads
• Google Search Console
• Google Analytics
• Google Tag Manager
• ClickUp
• Trello
• Asana
• Basecamp

Content Marketing

Consumers rely on search engines to look for answers, interests, and solutions.
That’s why creating useful and quality content for the buyer persona is so important and can drive brand awareness or lead generation, improving search engine rankings and making your brand become a trusted partner.
Thanks to my search and social expertise, I’m able to create rich content promotion and editorial plans that target the right audience, driving traffic or brand awareness and increasing ROI. For a content strategy to be effective, I proceed with a market, audience, competitor, and keyword analysis, along with the study of brand analytics, market trends, and audience consumption habits.
EXPERTISE:• Content Marketing Strategy, Planning, and Management;
• Content Editorial Plan & Audit;
• Social Media Editorial Plan;
• Social Media Strategy & Audit;
• SEO Copywriting (blog articles, social media posts, websites and landing pages, newsletters, press releases, white papers, video scripts, slogans);
• Project Management.
TOOLS:• HubSpot
• Hootsuite
• WordPress

SEO Strategy

SEO technical best practices allow websites to be properly represented on search engines. Indeed, the latters are constantly improving the way they crawl and index websites.
That’s why my comprehensive site audit process consists of analysing URLs issues, on-page content and tags that cannot be accessed, missing canonical tags, indexing and crawlability, content quality, ranking factors, page speed performance and mobile-friendliness.
This allows me to come up with overall optimization recommendations that deliver actual results.
EXPERTISE:• SEO Consulting;
• Technical and Site Audit;
• Keyword Research;
• Migration Content Audit;
• Backlink Audit;
• Content Gap Analysis;
• Competitive Analysis;
• Website Quality Audit;
• Performance Reporting;
• Product Page Optimization;
• SEO Project Management.
• SEMrush
• Ahrefs
• KWFinder
• Keyword Insights
• Moz
• ScreamingFrog

Brand Strategy

Would you like to plan a brand ecosystem that delivers measurable business growth?
In that case, I can help you set your brand’s tone of voice, while helping you best activate it on each digital platform.
My methodology consists of focusing on your specific brand’s archetype and marketing feelings.
This allows making the brand strategy reflect your audience’s psychological needs and challenges, bringing forth a strong emotional connection with them.
EXPERTISE:• Audience & Brand Analysis;
• Social Listening;
• Brand Archetype Theory;
• Emotional Marketing Strategy;
• Gamification Marketing;
• Transmedia Storytelling.



International Nonprofit Organization

Social Media Marketing Strategy and Management: META & TikTok Paid Campaign.Main Goal: Brand Awareness
Budget: CHF 10k.
In just one month, the campaign achieved:
• Impressions: 19.5 millions
• Video Views: 18 millions
• CPM: CHF 0.65
Services included:
• Campaign concept and social media consulting
• Social media audit, strategy, and campaign set-up
• Monitoring, optimization, and reporting

Swiss International School

Digital Marketing Management and Search Engine Marketing Strategy: Google Ads campaigns (Search and Display).Main Goals: Lead Generation & Brand Awareness
Budget: about CHF 600 per month
In just one month, the campaign achieved:
• Impressions: 55.5k
• Clicks: 1.48k
• CTR: 2.66%
• Conversions: 686
• Conversion Rate: 46%
Services included:
• Campaign concept and SEM consulting
• Copywriting, strategy, and campaign set-up
• Monitoring, optimization, and reporting
• Keyword Research

US e-sports brand

Technical SEO Audit & Consulting services for a US e-sports brand.SEO Audit Goal: Increase brand awareness, potential partnerships, and commercial reach.SEO Tools & Resources:
• SEMrush
• ScreamingFrog
• Google PageSpeed Insights
• Google Analytics
Data Included:
• Crawlability and indexability;
• Meta-descriptions and title tags;
• Page status code and ratio;
• JavaScript and CSS;
• Sitemap and robots.txt;
• Redirects, keywords, and backlinks;
• Site performance and page load.

ICON Worldwide

SEO Content Marketing, Social Media Management, and SEO Strategy, including:• Site Audit;
• Backlink Audit;
• Competitor Analysis;
• Keyword Research and Positioning;
• Gap Analysis;
• SEO on-page and off-page measures;
• Monthly Blog Editorial Plan;
• Monthly Social Media Editorial Plan;
• Web Writing and Premium Downloadable Resources;
• LinkedIn Campaign and Promotion;
• Inbound Marketing Strategy and Content Funnel.

Timber Tee Media

EVP, Head of Marketing and Business Development of a British media startup.Developed cross-media marketing campaigns, brand strategies, and market analysis, mostly in terms of inbound content, social media, advertising, SEO, and transmedia storytelling.
Responsibilities included:
• Brand Archetype Theory and Brand Strategy;
• B2B/B2C Transmedia Bibles and Gamification Campaigns;
• Advertising, Video, and Inbound Marketing;
• B2B/B2C Narrative & Brand Storytelling;
• Narrative Psychology Analysis;
• Fictional & Inbound Editorial Plans;
• Gamified App Consulting;
• Television Advertising Spots Concept;
• Alternate Reality Game and Event Strategy.

Lorch Welding

Freelance Digital Marketing Management services for B2B SEM strategy and campaign.Business goal: Brand Awareness (Italian market).Achieved +100k impressions, +3k clicks, +3.27% CTR with a € 0,50 CPC in the first ten days of the
Google Ads campaign.
Final results: +700k impressions, +12k clicks, almost 90% Top of page rate.
Services included:
• Campaign concept and SEM consulting;
• Copywriting, strategy, and campaign set-up;
• Campaign booking, monitoring, optimization;
• Market & Competitor Analysis;
• Keyword Research;
• Overall project management;
• Interim and detailed final reporting.

LEBON Skincare

Social Media Management for the British skincare brand LEBON.
Planned and executed the whole social media and influencer marketing strategy, in terms of social media audit, copywriting, ads, campaigns, PR, and promotion.

Levuro AG

Content Marketing Strategy to promote the product and events, expanding the company's online presence and lead generation efforts.Created both the copy and illustrations, collaborating with the company also in terms of:
Web writing;
Graphics and video editing;
WordPress design;
Transmedia, business, and brand consulting;
Market positioning;
Competitor research;
Product development consulting;
Product technical descriptions.
Moreover, the main international events curated (in terms of strategy, campaigns, marketing material, graphics, and design) are:
• SportsPro, London
• The Spot, Lausanne
• DMEXCO, Cologne

Panasonic Europe

Full Social Media Campaign for Intersolar Europe event: ads, landing page, brand design, and polls to promote the brand's event.*Client of Levuro AG

Mainstream Media AG

Fernsehen Mit Herz project, streaming platform's launch campaign, and TV series' promotion.
Designed the gamified transmedia strategy in terms of fan engagement, contests, storytelling, graphics, videos, and brand design.
(Original copy written in English, then translated to German by the team.)
*Client of Levuro AG

Romance TV Polska(Mainstream Media AG)

Instagram Design Consultation, Social Media Strategy, and Digital Contest Strategy (copy, graphics, and video editing).
Posts originally written in English and then translated to Polish.
*Client of Levuro AG

Jungfrau Marathon

Market Research, Consulting Report, and Transmedia Strategy to promote the #MyJungfrauMarathon campaign and contest.Worked on the gamified campaign concept, strategy, copy, graphics, and slogan.As a result, the event's tickets got sold out in just a few weeks.*Client of Levuro AG


Web Writing: planned and written the full web copy and calls-to-action, after an accurate market, brand, and buyer persona research.*Client of AG

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